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Wrapping up Christmas

We’ve already sent our lists to Santa and our advent calenders are open as we begin counting down til Christmas day! And what better way for us to start Melbourne’s newest blog than with a festive extravaganza! This fitzgerald post is all about how to wrap the perfect present with plenty of tips, tricks and ideas for the tired and reluctant present wrapper.

Quick tips for sophisticated and simply wrapped presents:

  • Be prepared: A clear work surface, sharp scissors and handy sticky tape are the key to combating your wrapping frustration. Having everything to hand, including any paper, ribbons or adornments will hurry that production line along.
  • For awkwardly shaped gifts, find a comparatively sized box and cover that instead!
  • Make sure the paper is the correct size to cover the gift: Too much paper will puff out the edges and your finish will not be smooth.
  • Firstly, fold the paper over 1cm along the top of the gift to create a neatly finished edge.
  • Then begin the left and right ends: The paper edges from top to bottom should meet in the middle allowing you to pinch the bottom corners into triangular ‘wings’ and fold the created flap upwards. Make sharp creases with your fingertips with every fold for neatly finished edges.
  • Once the gift is completely covered the choices are yours. Use a Belli-Band around the gift in a contrasting colour or fabric followed by a ribbon.
  • To complete the look why not use the ribbon to tie in a Christmas decoration or handmade paper wheel.
  • For a beautiful selection of paper try: http://www.wrapco.com.au/shop-online/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22&Itemid=45

Budget Options: Friends and family will always appreciate the time and effort put into beautifully wrapped gifts – it needn’t cost you the earth for it to look fabulous!

  • Why not use pages of newspaper and string for a stylish, minimalist theme.
  • Use the pages of old glossies for a retro 90s inspired style.
  • Simple brown paper and multiple strands of colourful raffia create a beautiful provincial look which can be finished with single lavender stems to continue the countrified style.
  • Hit the op-shops for a colourful or patterned dress which you can cut up and use consistently for ribbon on all your presents. Clusters of mini fabric flowers will look gorgeous atop a present.

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