Fashion has always broken the rules, but recently it has been breaking its own rules as some of its biggest ‘no nos’ have become so now, now!

The alliterate words ‘double denim’ were a long feared fashion phrase and with much good reason. The conjured image of such words is that of a bemulleted man in high-waisted, crotch-hugging jeans, dirty lace-up trainers, a faded band T-shirt and a matching pant denim jacket. But double denim has been kicked and screaming out of the ugly and into the cool.

The gorgeous Alexa Chung shows us how to rock the look,                               pairing dark skin-tight jeans with a pale
boyfriend style shirt. The combination of tone and texture gives this double denim combo a stylish, effortless edge.

But double denim isn’t the only recent ‘faux pas’revival.  The old socks and sandals scandal, is that no more. We are no longer talking velcro strapped sand shufflers and white cotton calf tubes, no, we have moved on. With kitschy peep toes fuelling the fifties revival of vintage fashion, colourful, frilly and pretty-patterned cottons are keeping our toes cute and warm.

Chloe Sevigny100317--350x600

 And last but not least the old chestnut “blue and green should not be seen except with something in between.” The past season saw colour blocking flooding the pages of our glossies and filling the high-street rails.  Amongst other clashing and complementary colour combinations we saw blue and green blocking like this Michael Kors dress below.     



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