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Rihanna for River Island

24 year old Robyn Rihanna Fenty is perhaps best known for singing about umbrellas, dating notorious bad boy, Chris Brown and tweeting lascivious pictures of herself WITHOUT her clothes on, so we were slightly surprised when she revealed plans to collaborate on a collection for British clothing chain River Island.

The singer appeared, briefly, at the end of the show in a demure and sophisticated lbd, not a piece from her own collection, which can only be described as distinctly UNdemure and UNsophisticated!! Sorry, Riri, but the fishnet crop tops and tie-dye denim washed combos, thigh-high split skirts and sheer dresses looked more like they belonged on the set of a prison-porno than on the runway.




The collection was not helped by thin, fashion models who had clearly not been fitted for the clothes pre-show, only going to suggest that if women employed to look good in anything look bad in them, then what chance do the majority of high street shoppers have? However, the singer insists “everyone can wear this line…

But it’s not just about the badly cut, tight fitting, sheerness of the clothes, it is their inherent style (and I use this word in the loosest of terms). Rihanna cited the street-style of the British kids as part of her inspiration – and this is a fair enough concept – but bare-breasted, bare-midriffed, lycra knicker-wearing kids in thigh high lace-up boots is perhaps a little thoughtless and irresponsible in reality, seeing as it is probably they that will want these clothes, and not the “fashion loving, sassy” women the ‘designer’ says will buy them.

Rihanna for River Island is just a whole-hearted FAIL. The fashion is bad and the execution of the bad fashion is bad. With successful celebrity lines for high street stores paving the way (Kate Moss for Topshop, Stella McCartney and Madonna for H&M and Kelly Brook for New Look) it is disappointing that River Island have fallen so short of the mark. It will, however, be interesting to see how the collection fares when it hits the stores.


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